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The New Flex: Wireless Activity Tracker

WARM - Wellness Activity Report Monitoring

It is time to get “WARM-ed” up with the 360 Health Advantage real-time Wellness Activity Report Monitoring program.


What is WARM and how does it work?

360 Health Advantage has developed a system that utilizes modern technology to help clients stay accountable to their wellness goals.

Wellness often starts with weight loss and the #1 reason weight loss programs fail is “accountability.” Why do you think popular reality television weight loss shows require contestants to become isolated in order to lose weight? It all starts with accountability. The WARM program is an affordable option for clients who desire results without living at the gym.

At 360 Health Advantage, every client starts with a complete wellness assessment, which includes new client intake forms, measurements, weight check, photos (optional) and goal evaluation. We will discuss your goals and give you suggestions to help you reach those goals. Each program is individualized. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 pounds to lose, 100 pounds to lose or just want to get healthy, we have a program that’s right for you.

When you become a member of the WARM program, you will become a member of the 360 Health and Wellness team. Of course, this is optional, but you can share your daily activity with other members and this is often very motivating. Who isn't up for some friendly competition? The WARM program is supported with equipment manufactured by Fitbit ( and makes daily and weekly reporting as easy as wearing a watch and using a smartphone or computer to view real-time results.

Clients wear a Fitbit monitoring device that will sync to the program allowing the client, as well as the 360˚ Health Advantage Center, to monitor vital information on individual wellness progress. Each week clients will come to the WARM Center, where they will have their weight and strategic measurements recorded and have monthly progress photos taken. The body contouring consultation will range from 15 to 20 minutes depending on the needs of the client and the services recommended. Clients will be presented with information about any recommended services such as weight loss programs, LIPO-lite services, Detoxification Body Wraps, Skinny Massage and other services* offered by the 360 o Health Advantage Center. Follow-up weekly consultations will last around 10 to 15 minutes.

*Clients are NOT required to use all 360 Health Advantage services offered to participate in this program. Other services offered are optional and have separate fees.

Sign up today for only $45 a month.

The monthly fee is billed through auto draft (ACH) from the credit card on file. There is a one-time registration fee of $35 that is charged at the time of enrollement. Each client will need to purchase a Fitbit device. Fitbit devices are offered by the clinics, in stores or online. Devices range from $59 to $99 depending on features.