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360 LipoLaser & 360 LED LIPO-Lite Services




How long are the 360 LED LIPO-Lite Sessions?
Each session on our fat reducing system, 360 LED Lipo-Lite, is 20 Minutes.


Does it hurt?
No. This is not weight loss surgery! Unlike many other fat removal procedures, 360 LED Lipo Lite is a pain- free, non-invasive body sculpting system that requires no down time.


I have a lot of different places I want to remove excess fat; can I do them all at once?
No. With the 360 LED Lipo-Lite you want to target specific areas, such as belly fat, for your sessions. You will have more effective results this way as we can target the proper lymphatic elimination areas and produce better fat loss results. Once you complete a zone and your series for that area, you may do additional zones to reduce excess fat in other areas.


Will the fat come back?
No. The fat will not come back on its own. However, as with any fat loss, whether it is through exercise, healthy eating or any other means of reducing fat stores in your body, you have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen in order to maintain fat loss.


Why do I have to burn 300 calories?
The fat loss while using the 360 LED Lipo-Lite, whether it be to remove back, arm, leg or belly fat, is attributed to the fat being expelled into the lymphatic system. In order to properly and fully expel the fat cells from the lymphatic system, you must burn 300 calories after each session. If not, you run the risk of your session being obsolete and of the session having the opposite effect on your body.


How many sessions should I do?
You will see a result after one session with our fat reducing system. Most clients have a fat loss of anywhere from ½ an inch to 2 ½ inches per session. In order to get the maximum benefit, we recommend doing a series of 12 sessions over the course of 6 weeks. This is dependent on what you are using the 360 LED Lipo-Lite for and can vary per client. Your wellness consultant will go over your goals for fat loss and can recommend a program for you to help you achieve your goals.


Is there anyone the 360 LED Lipo-Lite won’t work on?
The 360 LED Lipo-Lite is not good for men who have hard belly fat cells that have been stored for many years.